Course 2018


Participants will get the opportunity to choose between a 5K course and a 10K course. With a 5K course we make it more accessible for the novice runner to participate. Although you will run through less locations and buildings compared to the 10K course. You don't have notice us via the registration form or before the run. During your run you can make the decision in the moment at the split on the course. The split will be marked with signings. We have only one registration rate, regardless the distance you will run. Both distances will start and finish at the same locations.

See our full course map (opens as PDF).

Course Map

Start & Finish: Mariaplaats

Our start & finish is located at the Mariaplaats. This where you start your journey and enjoy a healthy breakfast afterwarts.

Pandhof Sinte Marie

This locatie will add some green to your city experience.

ANWB Neudeflat

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  • 0,6K

No time for car trouble!

Perry Sport Utrecht


Brasserie and bar de Utrechter

Drinks, design, music and culture all-in-one.

Bijenkorf Utrecht

Pathé Rembrandt

Famous Rembrant pictures included in the course.


Proud to announce that the oldest student network is know part of our course.

Gevangenis De Lik

One of the highlights last year!

Snookerclub Ozebi

While you're here play some pool?


Prepare for a lot of stairs.

Sonnenborgh Museum & Sterrenwacht

De Rechtbank

Don't worry. No judges. Only waitresses.

Movie theater 't Hoogt

The first movie theater in the Netherlands! 


For more than 31 years the Gay & Lesbian Bar in Utrecht.

BAK, basis voor actuele kunst

BAK, basis voor actuele kunst is a base for art, knowledge, and the political. BAK is committed to the notion of art as a public sphere and a political space, and provides a critical platform for aesthetico-political experiments with and through art. BAK brings together artists, thinkers, and other members of the precarious classes to imagine and enact transformative ways of being together otherwise.

Museum Speelklok

We know you like music so this museum sounds good right?